What Is A Procurement Audit?
Aspire's procurement audit is conducted on your premises. The audit comprises of 1-5 days of fact finding. Aspire will review your supplier database, terms of supply, stock control, order placing and benchmark prices. Meetings will be held with key individuals within your business to understand how buying is currently conducted and how ideally it could be executed.

After the audit has taken place Aspire will compile a report with recommendations and suggestions to make the procurement operation more effective. Aspire will return to the business to present the report and answer any questions. If training is recommended within the report, Aspire can arrange to provide this if required.

Outsourced Purchasing
Skilled, qualified procurement professionals are expensive. With the average annual salary for a professional buyer being £45,000, not all businesses can afford this. Aspire believes that all businesses should have access to the skill and experience of professional purchasing, therefore offer an outsourced service.

How Does This Work?
For a set monthly fee, Aspire can manage or oversee your procurement function. This can be as simple or complex as you require. Aspire can source products, arrange contracts, place orders, expedite goods, create restocking systems etc . Aspire will demonstrate areas of saving for your business, streamline processes, build relationships and develop procurement to be lean, effective, strategic and cost effective.